Friday, September 5, 2008

Mythology Quiz 001

1.What were the first and last tasks of Hercules?
# Killing the Nemean Lion and Bringing Cerberus from the Underworld.

2.Which weapon was made from Sage Dadichi’s bones?
# Indra’s Vajra.

3.Castor and Pollux are also called as what?
# The Gemini Twins.

4.In Egyptian mythology who was the Sun God?
# Ra.

5.Which was the first Avatar of Vishnu?
# Matsya.

6.In Greek mythology who killed the Minotaur?
# Thesus.

7.Which king brought Ganga from the locks of Shiva?
# Baghiratha.

8.In roman mythology who is the goddess of hunting?
# Diana

9.Who is the equivalent of Ameratsu(A Japanese Mythical Goddess) in Greek
# Apollo.

10.Who was the only sister of Kauravas?
# Dussala.

11.Who was the father of Zeus?
# Kronos.

12.What is the name of the Vahana of Lord Shiva?
# Nandi.

13.What was the name given to ganesha because of his pot belly?
# Lambhodara.

14.Who is the God of funerals and mummifications?
# Anubis.

15.Who is the chief God in Norse mythology?
# Odin.

16.Who was Drona’s father?
# Sage Bharadwaja.

17.Whose parents were Paraashara and Satyavathi?
# Veda Vyasa.

18.In Greek mythology which beautiful person hatched from an egg?
# Helen.

19.Who took command of the Kaurava forces after Karna’s death?
# Shalya.

20.Who was the heavenly father of Bheema?
# Vayu.

21.Who was the God of war of Roman Mythology?
# Mars.

22.Who was the preceptor of Asuras?


23.According to Greek Mythology who gave fire to the Humans?
# Prometheus.

24.Who was the son of Osiris?
# Horus.

25.In Norse Mythology what is Valhalla?
# The Heavenly Hall for slain Heros.

26.In Indian Mythology, who is the God of medicine?
# Dhanvantri.

27.According to Roman Mythology who was the God of seas and oceans?
# Neptune.

28.In Egyptian Mythology who was the Goddess of fertility?
# Isis.

29.In Norse Mythology what is Mjollnir?
# Thor’s hammer.

30.Who wrote the Mahabharata?
# Lord Ganesha.

31.Which creature is depicted as a recumbent lion with a human head?
# Sphinx.

32.Who killed Achilles?
# Paris.

33.Which number is also known as the Devil’s number?
# 666.

34.Who is the Roman equivalent of the Greek God Zeus?
# Jove/Jupiter.

35.Ahura Mazda is the chief God for which faith?
# Zoraster.

36.In Plato's account, _________, lying "beyond the Pillars of Hercules", was a naval power that conquered many parts of Western Europe and Africa 9,000 years before the time of Solon, or approximately 9500 BC. Which famous city are we talking about?
# Atlantis.

37.In Indian Mythology which king’s flag had a Veena motif on it?
# Ravana.

38.According to Indian calendar which planet is called Sukra?
# Venus.

39.What is a Centaur?
# A creature that is half human and half horse.

40.In Egyptian Mythology who was the God of Judgement?
# Osiris.

41. In Norse Mythology who was considered the most notorious God?
# Loki.

42.According to Hindu myth, who created Kerala?
# Parashurama.

43.Who was the mother of Achilles?
# Thetis.

44.What was the name of Indra’s Horse?
# Ucchaisravas.

45.Who was the Goddess of wisdom in Roman Mythology?
# Minerva.

46.Who was the Goddess of beauty in Greek Mythology?
# Aphrodite.

47.What was the name of Arjuna's bow?
# Ghandiva.

48.Shakuni belonged to which kingdom?
# Ghandara.

49.In Ramayana who was Bharata's wife?
# Mandavi.

50.Who was the father of Kronos?
# Oranos.

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