Sunday, September 28, 2008

Comics And Cartoons Quiz 003 By Neo Quiz Spot

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The answers for Comics and Cartoons 003 are posted in the comments.

1. Identify this Graphic Novel that is created by Frank Muller

2.What is the name of Tin Tin's Dog?

3.Which super hero's story is changed this way by Stan Lee " An interstellar police man travels through a worm hole to enter earth and then because of the great difference in the gravity he acquires strength that is not possessed by any human being"?

4.What is the longest continuing children magazine in India? You can use the photograph of a very famous article for this

5. What is the alter ego of Harvey Dent, a character in Batman ?

6. Which is the only comic character to get an Oscar?

7. Pavitra Prabhakar is the lead role in which indianized super hero?

8. Identify the Character

9.Blastoise is a character found in which cartoon series?

10. Which character frequently uses the word yab-a-dab-a-doo?

The answers for Comics and Cartoons Quiz 003 are posted in the comments.

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Neo Anderson said...

1.300, Which is later made into a movie with the same title.


3.Superman. This change took place when DC comics wanted to give a new look to super Man and Batman

4.Chanda mama. It is now entertaining the second generation readers.

5.Two Face

6.Mickey Mouse

7.Pavitra Prabhakar is the indianized Peter Parker, the Spiderman.

8.Inuyasha. A succesful manga series follows a time traveling student, A Half-Demaon, a lecherous Monk.

9.It is a pocket monster, that appears in Pokemon.

10.Fred Flintstone.