Friday, September 26, 2008

Fine Arts Quiz 003

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The answers for Fine Arts Quiz 003 are posted in the comments.

1. Identify

2. If 'Do' in western music is equivalent of 'Sa' in Indian classical music then 'Fa' equals what?

3. Who sculpted the Pieta?

4. Abstract, Expressionism, Pluralism are examples of what?

5. Music is believed to be derived from which Veda?

6. Identify the type of dolls

7. Sama, Alolita, Sachi, Pralokita, Nimilite, Ullokita,Anuvritta, Avalokita are what?

8. Who won the first Oscar for the best Actor?

9. Five of Thyagaraja's compositions are sung in honour of him. What are they?

10. Who won the filmfare for the best actress for the year 2008?

The answers for Fine Arts Quiz 003 are posted in the comments.

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Neo Anderson said...

Answers for Fine Arts Quiz 003

1. Sudha Chandran

2. 'Pa'

3. Michaelangelo

4. Painting

5. Sama Veda

6. Matryoshka doll

7. Eye movements in Bharatyanatyam

8. Emil Jannings

9. Pancharatna Kritis

10. Kareena Kapoor