Saturday, September 20, 2008

Sports Quiz 003

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Football/ Soccer Quiz

1. Identify

# Zinedine Zidane

2. Who won the 2006 FIFA World Cup?
# Italy

3. Who is the Captian of the English Football Team?
# John Terry

4. What's a drop kick?
# The goal Keeper drops the ball from his hands and kicks it as it bounces

5. Christiano Ronaldo plays for which country?
# Portugal

6. Who won the EURO 2008 Championship?
# Spain

7. Ronaldinho plays for which football club?
# A C Milan

8. Who was the first person to score a Hat-Trick in a world cup?
# Geoff Hurst

9. Which club plays its home games at Emirates Stadium?
# Arsenal

10. Which club does David Beckham play for?
# L A Galaxy

11. Which famous footballer is known as Der Kaiser?
# Franz Beckenbauer

12. When was the first football world cup played?
# In 1930

13. Identify

# Pele

14. Who was the UEFA footballer for the year 2007?
# Kaka

15. Ruud van Nistelrooy plays for which country?
# Netherlands

16. Baichung Bhutia plays for which football club?
# Mohun Bagan

17. Who is the manager of the Russian football team?
# Guus Hiddink

18. Who scored the maximum number of goals in the Italian Serie A for 2007-2008?
# Alessandro del Piero

19. Who won the MLS cup for the year 2007?
# Houston Dynamos

20. Which club won the 2008 Champions league?
# Manchester United

21. Eric Cantona represented which national team?
# France

22. Samuel Eto'o plays football for which country?
# Cameroon

23. Who is the captain of the Italian football team?
# Fabio Cannavaro

24. Who won the Yahin award in FIFA world cup 2006?
# Gianluigi Buffon

25. Identify?

# Sergio Ramos

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