Monday, September 29, 2008

Gandhi Quiz 001

The following content is for a part of the "Quiz For All" campaign under taken by Neo Quiz Spot. Please contact us via mail for any quiz related information. This quiz dedicated to Gandhiji.

The answers for Gandhi Quiz Special Event Quiz 001 are posted in the comments

1.Identify the person in the photograph. He inspired Gandhi in structuring socioeconomic views.

2.Which famous Prime Minister shares his birth day with Gandhi?

3.Who conferred the title Father of The Nation?

4.He was born was born in Baramati, Pune District. Upon birth, he was named Ramachandra by his parents. During his school days, Gandhi was an idol to him. While staying with his parents at Ratnagiri, the young Nathuram first met Veer Savarkar, a proponent of Hindutva.Who is he?

5.Identify This person. This persons relation with Gandhiji is the theme of the movie Gandhi, My father6.Who is the adopted son of Gandhi?

7.Which movie is made by Shyam Benegal, which featured Rajit Kapur in the lead role?

8.Who is this person, also called Frontier Gandhi?

9.Who wrote A Letter To A Hindu, a phamplet that inspired Mahatma Gandhi to chose the path of Non-Violence?

10.Identify this place The answers for Gandhi Quiz Special Event Quiz 001 are posted in the comments.

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Neo Anderson said...

These are the answers for the Gandhi Quiz 001

1.Henry David Thoreau

2.Lal Bahadur Shastri

3.Rabindranath Tagore

4.Nathu Ram Godse

5.Hari Lal Gandhi

6.Feroze Gandhi. The husband of Indira Gandhi.

7.Making Of Mahatma.

8.Khan Abdul Gafar Khan.

9.Leo Tolstoy.

10.Birla House. The place where Gandhiji was assassinated.

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