Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Geography Quiz 002

1. To which country does this flag belong to?

# Libya

2. Where is the Kremlin?
# Moscow

3. The mountain Aoraki, found in New Zealand, is known by which other name?
# Mt Cook

4. What is the former name of Zaire?
# Congo

5. Which place is known as the city of Dreaming Spires?
# Oxford

6. In what country the battle of Waterloo was fought?
# Belgium

7. In which sea is the Great Barrier Reef?
# Coral Sea

8. In which country do you find Rub' al Khali (the Empty Quarter)?
# Saudi Arabia

9. In what mineral Malaysia leads the world?
# Tin

10. Where is the Easter Island?
# In south Pacific Ocean

11. Oman has an exclave at the tip of the Musandam Peninsula. Which country surrounds this exclave?

12. Identify

# Acropolis

13. What is the world’s oldest capital city?
# Damascus

14. Which is the world’s largest inland sea?
# Caspian Sea

15. Selat Johur is a waterway that separates which city with a mainland?
# Singapore

16. Which sea is located between Africa and Saudi Arabia?
# Red Sea

17. What waterfall is on the border of Canada and USA?
# Niagara Falls

18. Which country has more than 5000 lakes?
# Finland

19. Which place is known as the island of Pearls?
# Bahrain

20. Where is Aswan Dam?
# Egypt

21. Which British colony has been returned to China in1997?
# Hong Kong

22. What do we call a small river emptying into a large river?
# Tributary

23. Which country produces most tea?
# India

24. Identify the mountain peak?

# Kanchenjunga

25. What is the capital of the Himalayan nation of Bhutan?
# Thimpu

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karthik said...

caspian sea is largest inland sea