Wednesday, September 24, 2008

History Quiz 003

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The answers for History Quiz 003 are posted in the comments.

1. Identify.

2. Which famous English Royal is known as the Black Prince?

3.What is the real Name of Shah Jehan?

4. In which year did the Boston Tea Party took place?

5. Which Governor General imposed the Doctrine of Lapse?

6. Who was the first man to walk in space?

7. Who is considered as the greatest Egyptian Pharoh?

8. Identify the Historical Monument

9. Who was the son of Bimbisara?

10. Who was the first Czarina of Russia?

The answers for History Quiz 003 are posted in the comments.

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Neo Anderson said...

Answers for history Quiz 003

1. Vlad III (Dracula)

2. Edward

3. Khurram

4. 1773

5. Lord Dalhousie

6. Aleksei Leonov

7. Ramses II

8. Gol Gumbaz

9. Ajatasatru

10. Katherine