Sunday, September 7, 2008

Literary/Literature Quiz 001

Literary/Literature Quiz

1. Who authored the book ‘An Equal Music’?
# Vikram Seth

2. Who said the following words about cricket ‘Eleven fools play and eleven thousand fools watch’?
# George Bernard Shaw

3. How many daffodils were there in Wordsworth’s daffodils?
# 10000

4. Who wrote Paradise Lost?
# John Milton

5. Who authored Divine Comedy?
# Dante

6. We all know that Jurassic Park was adapted from a book and was directed by Steven Spielberg. Who wrote this book?
# Michael Crichton

7. He was a member of British parliament, a novelist and had served a sentence in jail for 4 years. Who am I talking about?
# Jeffrey Archer

8. Who wrote Arthashastra- A political Treatise?
# Chanakya/Kautilya/Vishnu Gupta

9. How many plays did Shakespeare write?
# 38

10. The Satanic verses were written by?
# Salman Rushdie

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