Sunday, September 14, 2008

Wildlife Quiz 001

Wildlife Quiz

1. Identify.

# Black Buck

2. Which bird has the longest wingspan?
# Albatross

3. Kaziranga National park is the sanctuary for which endangered animal?
# One Horned Rhinoceros

4. Where is Serengeti?
# It extends from Tanzania to Kenya

5. This bird is found in South America and became a very popular cartoon character where it has a characteristic sound which is “Beep Beep”. Which bird am I talking about?
# Road Runner

6. Salamanders belong to which class in the animal kingdom?
# Amphibia

7. Which mammals belong to the order Chiroptera?
# Bats

8. The tusk of an elephant is the modified version of which type of teeth?
# Incisors

9. Which is the largest fish?
# Whale Shark

10. Which is the largest insect?
# Hercules Beetle

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