Thursday, October 30, 2008

GK 009

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The answers for G K 009 are posted in the comments

1. Identify

2. Who composed Vande Mataram?

3. In basketball what is the maximum number of points you can get with one shot?

4. Which city is known as the ‘Venice of North’?

5. Name the bird that enters a saltwater crocodile’s mouth to pick out the parasites and food particles?

6. Identify

7. Which geological period saw a sudden increase in the diversity of life forms?

8. Which is the world’s highest waterfall?

9. Who gave the title "Mahatma" to Gandhi and referred to him as "Maharaj"?

10. Which city in India has built a 15.8 m high "Gandhi Stupa" dedicated to Mahatma Gandhi?

The answers for G K 009 are posted in the comments

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Neo Anderson said...

The answers for G K 009 are

1. Louis XIV

2. Bankim Chandra Chaterjee

3. 3

4. Amsterdam

5. Nile Plover

6. Mithali Raj

7. Cambrian

8. Angel Falls

9. Rabindranath Tagore

10. Vijayawada