Tuesday, October 21, 2008

General Knowledge Quiz 001

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1. Identify this famous personality

2.Which city is also known as city of joy?

3.What is the deepest point in the ocean named?

4.Two states in the India share the record for the lowest number of districts. Which are those states that have the lowest number of districts?

5.Who is the CEO of DLF Group of companies?

6.Which metal has the highest density?

7.Who is the author of the book yoga sutra?

8.What is Metrology?

9.Where is the Center for Cellular and Molecular Biology(CCMB) located?

10. What is the game in which the following terms are very common"Hoops, Malllet, Peg Out"?

The answers for General Knowledge Quiz 001 are posted in the comments

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Neo Anderson said...

1.Angela Merkel


3.Marina Trench

4.Sikkhim and Tripura

5.K.P. Singh



8.Studay and quantification of Standard Measures



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satinder Goyat said...

Please correct Q No.5

It Should be DLF

Satinder Goyat