Friday, October 24, 2008

Business Quiz By Neo Quiz Spot

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1.Identify the Indian Business man

2.What does TIMES stand for in the name Television,the Television division of Bennett and Coleman Ltd?

3.By what name are the large bombs developed in the early years of World War II by the Royal Air force known?They weighed around 4000 and were carried by Wellington and Lancaster bombers on raids into Germany.

4.Wolfsburg is a city in Lower Saxony,Germany.It is located on the River Aller,northeast of Braunschweig(Brunswick).The city is very young,since it was planned by the Nazi'sin order to build a town for the workers of ____?

5.Korea was originally spelt a 'c' and there has been recent move to revert to this,why was it earlier changed to K?

6.During Wimbledon 1995 Pete Sampras and Agassi played a mock tennis match at Trafalgar Square in London.Why?

7.What was launched in 1959 in Kansas by the Carney Brothers?

8.It is actually based on a 19th century guitar work named "Gran Vals" by Spanish musician Francisco Tarrega.It was originally named "Grand Valse" but was changed to __.What am i referring to?


10.This company was started in Ponzano,which was once a sleepy little,half and hour drive from venice.It is where Luciano and Guiliana,the worlds 35th richest family's descendants have laid down their roots.Their global empire,now 40 years ols span continents and products from the high street label which retails at 5000 outlets in over 120 countries to nearly two-thirds of Italy's motorways and a chain of roadside restaurants.What am I talking about?

The answers for Business Quiz are posted in the comments

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Neo Anderson said...

answers of neo business quiz 012 are

1.Ravi Ruia of Essar Gropu

2.Television for Information, Music, Entertainment and Sports (TIMES)


4.Volkswagen Factories

5.Japan conquered Korea and made it K so that in all International lists Korea would appear after Japan

6.To shoot a commercial for Nike

7.Pizza Hut

8.The ringtone "Nokia tune.


10.Luciano Benetton and Guiliana Benetton of Benetton family who startedthe United colours of Benetton