Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Literature Quiz 005

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The answers for Literature Quiz 005 are posted in the comments

1. Identify

2. Who wrote the book The White Tiger?

3. Who authored the Chronicles of Narnia Series

4. In the book Eragon, who is the arch nemesis of Eragon?

5. who wrote the poem On killing a tree?

6. Identify

7. Who authored the book Sons of Fortune?

8. The book Made in Japan talks about the life of which famous personality?

9. In the play Merchant of Venice, how much amount of flesh does Shylock ask?

10. What is considered as the 8th habit?

The answers for Literature Quiz 005 are posted in the comments

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Neo Anderson said...

The answers for Neo Literature Quiz 005 are

1. Sidney Sheldon

2. Aravind Adiga

3. C S Lewis

4. Galbatorix

5. Gieve Patel

6. Jhumpa Lahiri

7. Jeffrey Archer

8. Akio Morita

9. A Pound

10. From Effectiveness to Greatness