Sunday, November 16, 2008

Business Quiz By Neo Quiz Spot

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1.Which Japanese Telecom giant took over 26% stake in India based Tata Tele services?

2.Identify the logo.

3.The name of Microsoft's new cloud-computing platform is ?

4.Who resigned from Boeing's board recently as he had been asked to head the American International group (AIG)?

5.Adlabs Films is now being branded as?

6.Which company is reported to be on the verge of launching its electric car Oreva E for approximately Rs 1 lakh?

7.Arun Ramanathan is recently been appointed as a secretary for India's PM for holding which issues?

8.Colors is a TV channel belonging to a joint venture between which two companies?

9.Identify .

10.In 1850, Mayer joined the business run by his siblings Henry and Emanuel. The company came to be known as ?

The answers for Business Quiz are posted in the comments

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Neo Anderson said...

The answers for Business Quiz 014 are

1.JoCoMo Telecom Services


3.Windows Azure

4.Edward Liddy (He resigned from Boeing's board so as to take charge of the American International Group)

5.BIG Cinemas

6. Ajanta Manufacturing (Its electric car Oreva E will be offered for approximately Rs 1 lakh)

7.Financial Secretary

8.Viacom and Network18


10.Lehman Brothers