Thursday, November 27, 2008

Business Quiz By Neo Quiz Spot

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1.Identify the Minister from UK.

2.This invention made Elisha Otis famous.Which one?

3.Debit card was first introduced by which Private sector bank?

4.Which is the oldest stock exchange in the world,established in 1602?

5.What was founded in 1792 under the Buttonwood Agreement?

6.Which state in India was the first to receive a 'fiscal adjustment' loan from world bank?

7.This term is used for a bond issued in dutch guilders by a foreign borrower,is named after which famous painter?

8.What does Rupee literally mean?

9.Identify one of the famous co-founders of a technology giant.

10.BOLT is the online trading system started by?

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1.Alistair Darling,current Exchequer of UK.
2.The Elevator.
3.The HDFC Bank.
4.The Amsterdam Stock Exchange.
5.The Newyork Stock Exchange.
6.Uttar Pradesh.
7.Rembrandt,Dutch painter.
8.Wrought Silver,the word Rupee has taken from Sanskrit,rupya.
9.Steve Wozniak one of the co founders of Apple Computers.
10.The Bombay Stock Exchange.

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