Sunday, November 9, 2008

Mythology Quiz 008

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The answers for Mythology Quiz 008 are posted in the comments

1. Identify

2. Who authored Ramayana?

3. Who was the god of the underworld in Greek mythology?

4. What Hindu ritual, in which light from wicks soaked in ghee or camphor is offered to hone or more deities, has a Sanskrit name meaning "towards the highest love for God"?

5. According to Mahabharata, What was the capital of Panchala?

6. Identify

7. In Indian mythology who was the husband of Damayanti?

8. Who were the parents of Agamemnon?

9. The four basic practices of what in Hinduism are Jnana, Raja, Bhakti and Karma?

10. Sickly and weak infants were left to die of exposure at the foot of which mountain by the Spartans?

The answers for Mythology Quiz 008 are posted in the comments

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Neo Anderson said...

The answers for Mythology Quiz 008 are

1. Skadi

2. Valmiki

3. Hades

4. Aarti

5. Kamapilya

6. Agni

7. Nala

8. Atreus and Aerope

9. Mt Tygaetus