Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Trivia Quiz 010

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The answers for Trivia Quiz 010 are posted in the comments

1. Identify

2. From which animal is the valuable Pashmina wool obtained?

3. Who wrote the 'Geeta Govindam'?

4. The Ochterlony Monument was built in 1848 by Sir David Ochterlony to commemorate his victory in the Nepal War (1814 – 1816). What was it renamed as after India achieved independence?

5. Rouff is a folk dance. It has its origin in?

6. Identify

7. In what year was Nintendo founded?

8. Lata Mangeshkar made her debut in Hindi playback singing with the movie

9. In 1917-18 Iraq became independent from which Empire?

10. Sukarno and his daughter, Megawati Sukarnoputri, have both held the presidency of which country?

The answers for Trivia Quiz 010 are posted in the comments

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Neo Anderson said...

The answers for Trivia Quiz 010 are

1. David Villa

2. Himalayan Goat

3. Jayadeva

4. Shaheed Minar

5. Kashmir


7. 1889

8. Aap ke Seva Mein

9. Ottoman

10. Indonesia