Thursday, December 4, 2008

Current Affairs Quiz

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We salute all those who sacrificed their life in curbing terrorism. We are proud to be a part of our nation which reacted unitedly during such ghastly acts. We pay condolences to the victims. Please maintain Unity.

1. Identify this ill famed politician who shot to fame because of his shameful and notorious statements on a Martyr.

2.Who is the head of NSG commandos?

3. X during a visit to London has seen the following boards at one of the restaurants, which reads "Dogs and Indians Not Allowed". The infuriated X came back to India and retaliated to this insult on Indians by constructing Y. What are X and Y?

4.Who is the ATS chief who died an an action against terrorists in recent Mumbai attacks?

5.Who is the new Home Minister of India and whom did he succeed over?

6.Who is the head of all the three defense wings of India?

7.Identify the politician who passed comments on women protesters who were rallying against the Politicians?

8.What was the reason for the resignation of Vilas Rao Deshmukh,Maharashtra's CM?

9.Identify this badge.

10.Who is the founder of ATS?

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1.V.S.Achoothanandan,CM of Kerala commented on Major Sandeep Unnikrishnan's family members.
2.Lt Gen Jyoti Krishan Dutt.
3.Jamshedji Tata,Taj Mahal Hotel old wing.
4.Hemant Karkare.
5.P.Chidambaram the former Finance Minister.He Succeeded Shiv Raj Patil.
6.President of India.
7.Mukhtar Abbas Naqvi,BJP spokesperson.
8.He took his son Ritesh Deshmukh and Ram Gopal Verma into Tajmahal Hotel which was restricted to general public at that point.
9.It is a Badge of NSG(National Security Guards).
10.Aftab Ahmed Khan.founded in 1990.

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