Monday, March 9, 2009

Current Affairs Quiz 008

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1.Identify the person who was recently arrested by International Criminal Court

2.7th March NASA launched a spacecraft, a mission to search for Earth like planets.Name the spacecraft.

3.In which bank did UK govt increased its stake from 43% to 60% ?

4.Mahatma Gandhi's item were auctioned for 1.8 million$.Who was the buyer?

5.Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez nationalized US based food company.Name the company.

6.2009 Australian open Men's singles title was won by?

7.On February 5th Muthiah Murlitharan became highest wicket(503) taker in ODI series surpassing Wasim akram.Who was his 503rd victim?

8.Slumdog Miilionaire made an historic event in Indian cinema history,A.R.Rahman bagged two oscars.Name the director of this movie.

9.Identify the President.

10.This animated sitcom became the longest running US primetime television series after Fox Broadcasting confirms two more seasons.Name the animated series.

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1.Omar Al Bashir, President of Sudan,convicted for mass genocide
2.Keplar Spacecraft
3.Llyods Banking Group
4.Vijay Mallaya,chairman of UB Group
5.Cargill,US based food company
6.Rafal Nadal defeating Roger Federer
7.Gautam Gambhir
8.Danny Boyle
9.Mahinda Rajapaksha
10.The Simpsons.

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