Sunday, May 31, 2009

Big Ben Quiz

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Identify the Aerial view of this structure.

Ans. Big Ben

2. How do we better know "The great bell of the clock at the north-eastern end of the Palace of Westminster in London"?
Ans. Big Ben.

3. What was created in Hyderabad India, by the Royal British Army to keep track of the Time. The original design was heavily inspired by the Big Ben but eventually, it has become a bell tower.
Ans. Clock Tower, the iconic monument of Secundrabad.

How can Londoners who live an appropriate distance from the Clock Tower and Big Ben can, by means of listening to the chimes both live and on the radio or television, hear the bell strike thirteen times on New Year's Eve? ( Slightly a scientific one please bear with me for that)
Ans. This is possible due to what amounts to a offset between live and electronically transmitted chimes since the speed of sound is a lot slower than the speed of radio waves

5. Identify the person

Ans. Augustus Welby Northmore Pugin. The brain behind Big Ben.

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