Friday, January 1, 2010

Business Quiz Questions

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1. Identify the company

Ans. Thai Airways

2. 'I know' is an online e letter of which service?
Ans. Tata Indicom. For all of you who thought it is Apple.. we will say that it is an excellent try.

3.Paul S. Otellini is the CEO of which famous company?
Ans. Intel

4. Which company is behind the creation of Computer Mouse?
Ans. Xerox. Yes it is the Photocopying Giant that is instrumental in creation of the Mouse!

5. Which company built the Gateway of India
Ans. Gammon (Bombay) Pvt Ltd. t is also said to be the only construction company in India to have been accredited with ISO 9001: 1994 certification in all fields of civil engineering, including design.


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