Saturday, June 19, 2010

Comics Quiz

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1. Identify this duck

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Ans. Queer Duck

2. Which Characters middle name is Fauntleroy?
Ans. Donald Duck. Well the idea of queer duck is in fact inspired from Donald

3. Murder of Ben Uncle inspired him to become a masked super hero and use his super human powers to help the world in becoming a better place. Identify this super hero.
Ans. Spiderman

4. "Laird James McCullen XXIV" is the name of which famous fictional villain?
Ans. Destro of GI Joe

5. Antman, Ironman, Wasp, Thor are the initiating members of which famous superhero club?
Ans. Avengers


Anonymous said...

Its better if you can post the answers separately. giving the answers along the question spoils the thrill!



Anonymous said...

You should give the answers at the end and not just along with the question. Hard to not see the answer before even you complete reading the question.