Monday, June 28, 2010

Football World Cup Quiz

Neo Quiz Spot is a quizzing organization based in India. Neo Quiz Spot intends to improve the quizzing pattern among the commoners and aim at making learning more easier. This FIFA quiz is being provided to with an emphasis on the MBA preparing students. You can contact us at for any further queries. Neo Quiz Spot Team will be responding within 24 hours. For quizzes on SNAP, IIFT, Civils and other exams, keep visiting us.Please feel free to contact us regarding this Football World Cup Quiz

The Quiz below only pertains to the FIFA Soccer World Cup. The questions are framed only based on the records that are updated as on 28th. Any change might be notified for the benefit of all.

1. What super feat was done by the dog that is displayed in the picture?

Ans. It is Pickles. The Dog That Found the Lost World Cup in 1966.

2. Which country is the only country to have participated in all the FIFA World Cups?
Ans. Brazil

3. Which legendary Footballer steered his team to the World Cups as a captain the highest number of times?
Ans. Diego Maradona. He captained for a total of 16 Matches.

4. Which legendary player has scored the highest number of goals in a single World Cup tournament?
Ans. Just Fontaine. He scored 13 goals in 1958 World Cup

5. Who is the youngest goal scorer in any of the FIFA World Cups by far?
Ans. Pele. He was then only 17 years and 239 days.

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