Thursday, June 24, 2010

Tough Business Quiz

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1. Identify this legendary businessman, who is often not given credit for his contributions to India

Ans. Walchand Hirachand
2. Which search engine is the market leader in the Russian Search Engine Market with about 50% of the total traffic?
Ans. Yandex

3.Founded as Novamark by John Murphy, this Branding Consultancy is now a division of Omnicom. Identify the brand.
Ans. Interbrand. It is the company that comes with the annual list of Top Brands.

4. In 1947, which fashion label introduced the Bamboo Handle Handbag, which is mimicked by almost all the cloth brands today?
Ans. Gucci. Hey all the kids and parents, check out for the new children's line from Gucci

5. What is largest Indian Engineering and Construction Conglomerate with sales exceeding $3.5 billion? It is a household name and in fact is the name of a MBA college.
Ans. Kirloskar

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