Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Business Quiz 2010

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1. Identify the logo of this company that "Gives Wings"

Ans. It is of Agusta Westland one of the world's largest Helicopter manufacturer. Apache & Chinook helicopters are some of their famous products.

2. Business Stripped Bare is a book by which business personality?
Ans. A personal favorite. Richard Branson. This guy is inspiring young entrepreneurs and also making brand equity for Virgin this way. Long Live the spirit of adventure!

3. What is the new brand avatar of Swan Telecom?
Ans. Etisalat

4. What is the largest Video-on-Demand and currently the largest online - offline movie rental service in India that is the Indian version of NetFlix?
Ans. BIGFlix, a part of ADAG

5. Identify the company

Clue 1: The founder of this Fast-food giant started this business to pay for his tuition fees.
Clue 2 : Initially their flagship product was promoted as Pete's X
Clue 3: In USA Canada & Australia This fast-food chain has more outlets than McDonald.

Ans. Its Subway, famous for its submarine sandwich.

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