Sunday, December 11, 2011

Brand Quiz

After a hiatus of an Year Neo Quiz Spot back with a bang! The 513 mails/messages we received made us come back again into the quizzing arena. Here goes our first post after and year:

1. Identify the book

Ans. Fish!

2. Founded by John Stith Pemberton, it was an alcoholic beverage, mixed with coca, kola nut and damiana nad was was marketed mostly to upper class intellectuals, afflicted with diseases believed to have been brought on by urbanization and Atlanta's increasingly competitive business environment. What is the product that we are talking about?
Ans. Pemberton's French Wine Coca

3. In the news now! Founded by a Scotsman, Thomas Leishman, in 1857, the group made its initial impact by manufacturing bulk beer for the British troops, which was transported in huge barrels or "Hogsheads". Which company are we talking about?
Ans. United Breweries Group

4. Identify the character

Ans. Liam. The character/mascot you would have seen while using yahoo mails.

5. The dark blue background of the logo is known to designers as Pantone 294C. Colloquially called the 'Blue Oval', which company's logo is being described?
Ans. Ford

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