Thursday, September 25, 2008

Trivia Quiz 001

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The answers for Trivia Quiz 001 are posted in the comments.

Trivia Quiz

1. Identify

2. An historian, Chang Qu, perceived and documented dinosaur bones as skeletal remains of the mythical dragon! In which country did this occur?

3. Sufferin Succotash is the famous catchphrase of which famous cartoon character?

4. In Half Life game, who is the main protagonist?

5. Which famous musician composed the Swan lake ballet?

6. Identify the movie

7. Which artist's real name is Robert Allen Zimmerman?

8. She liked fur coats and hot things and had a strange hair style. She also disliked animals, particularly those of the canine variety. What was her name?

9. Who is the brand ambasaddor for Tag Heuer in India?

10. Who was the first person to win the KBC?

The answers for Trivia Quiz 001 are posted in the comments.

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Neo Anderson said...

Answers for Trivia Quiz 001

1. Meryl Streep

2. China

3. Sylvester

4. Gordon Freeman

5. Pyotr Tchaikovsky

6. Madagascar

7. Bob Dylan

8. Cruella di Vil

9. Shah Rukh Khan

10. Harshvardhan Navathe