Friday, November 21, 2008

Geography Quiz 009

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1.Identify the country's flag.

2.Which is the brightest object in the sky after the Sun and the Moon?

3.What type of vegetation is found in the Steppe type climatic region(hot summers and cold winters)?

4.Which sphere of the Earth includes its land surface and the Ocean floor?

5.What are also called as Fire rocks?

6.Beginning in the Atlantic Ocean,which current does the Westerly wind drive Eastward?

7.Where is the Sutherland Waterfall(height-1904 feet)

8.Into which water body does the river Volga flow?

9.Identify the famous place.

10.Which strait,also famous for being the world's narrowest strait,links the Black Sea and Sea of Marmora?

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3.Large Grasslands.
5.Limestone rocks.
6.Cold Antarctica Current.
7.New Zealand.
8.Caspian Sea.
9.Bermuda Triangle.
10.Bosphorus Strait.

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