Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Business Quiz By Neo Quiz Spot

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1.Identify the famous Business man who created one of the biggest food chains in the World?

2.Raymond's the famous textile business is owned by which Indian Business man?

3.Which is the longest existing Newspaper in the India?

4.Allocation of land in Nandigram to which company created statewide agitation which ended up in exit of TATA's from Singur?

5.What are baby bills?

6.Which company's former name was RUDA?

7.Which company's ticker in NYSE is SAY?

8.Ambassador,the bureaucratic car of India is produced by which company?

9.Identify the Business man from Japan.

10.Whose biography is known as iWoz?


1.Ray Krok founder of McDonalds.He improvised the concept of Franchise business.
2.V.P.Singhania.An unsung adventurer of India.
3.The Hindu,founded in the year 1878 by Kasturi & Sons Ltd.
4.Salim and Co,an Indonesian based construction company.
5.Baby bills is a term that is given to all the companies that could have sprung when microsoft would have split because of Anti-Monopolistic Laws of Federal Court.
6.Puma,was started by Rudolf Dazler brother of Adolf Dazler(who started Adidas).
7.Satyam Computers,founded by Ramlinga Raju.
8.Hindustan Motors.
9.Akio Morita,the Stalwart of Sony Corporation.
10.Steve Wozniak,Co founder of Apple Computers.

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