Friday, November 14, 2008

History Quiz 009

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The answers for History Quiz 009 are posted in the comments

1. Identify

2. Who painted Guernica?

3. Name the International organisation formed in 1991 to establish a South Americam common market by the end of 1994.Its members include Argentina,Brazil,Paraguay and Uruguay.

4. How many Oscars did Ben Hur win?

5. Who was the first premier of People's Republic of China?

6. Identify

7. Everyone knows 'The Taj Mahal'. It was built by the Emperor Shah Jahan, but for whom?

8. In 1875, Daniel Peter produced the first milk chocolate bar using powdered milk. What was his nationality?

9. The final act of betrayal was when Tipu went himself to fight the British soldiers that were able to enter the fort courtyard. One of the traitors then ordered the inner doors to be shut. Who was this traitor?

10. What Scottish Queen, the daughter of James V of Scotland, was executed by her cousin the Queen of England?

The answers for History Quiz 009 are posted in the comments

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Neo Anderson said...

The answers for History Quiz 009 are

1. Lord Louis Mountbatten

2. Pablo Picasso

3. Mercosur

4. 11

5. Zhou Enlai

6. Suleiman The Magnificent

7. Mumtaz

8. Swiss

9. Mir Sadiq

10. Mary Stuart