Monday, November 17, 2008

Trivia Quiz 012

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The answers for Trivia Quiz 012 are posted in the comments

1. Which famous stadium is this?

2. When was the Berlin wall broken down which led to the re-unification of Germany?

3. Which Indian Prince has a cobra motif on his flag?

4. Till rain intervened, South Africa's maiden World Cup hunt in 1992 was proceeding swimmingly well. Then rain intervened. The rulebooks were pulled out. And, suddenly, the springboks had to score 21 runs off how many balls?

5. Hideki Yukawa become the first Japanese person to ever win a Nobel, when he won the 1949 Prize for Physics for predicting the existence of which subatomic particle, a strongly interacting boson?

6. Give me the name of this famous train

7. Belonging to the genus Pomoxis, a crappie is what sort of creature?

8. An ecchymosis is a formal name for what?

9. How many letters are there in the Arabic alphabet?

10. Admitted in 1735, Elizabeth St Leger was the first known woman what?

The answers for Trivia Quiz 012 are posted in the comments

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Neo Anderson said...

The answers for Trivia Quiz 012 are

1. Camp Nou

2. 3rd October 1990

3. Duryodhana

4. 1 ball

5. Meson

6. TGV

7. Freshwater Fish

8. A Large Bruise

9. 28

10. Free Mason