Thursday, December 25, 2008

Current Affairs 2008

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1.Identify the specialty of theis currency note.

2.Which company held the brands Jaguar and Land Rover, before they are taken over by Tatas?

3.Who is the first Indian saint to get canonized?

4.Who is the Last King of Nepal?

5.Who was elected as President for Zimbabwe in a controversial election?

6.Who succeeded Bill Gates as Chief Software Architect of Microsoft?

7.To whom was Dada Saheb Phalke Award conferred for the year 2008?

8.According to UN,2008 was observed as_____year.

9.Identify the Athlete.

10.What was conducted between May 15th and May 25th of 2008 in Himachal Pradesh?

Answers for Current Affairs 2008
1.This is 5 billion currency note printed due to hyperinflation in Zimbabwean economy

2.Ford,an American based Automobile giant

3.St.Alphonsa.She is canonized by Pope Benedict the XVI.

4.King Gyanendra

5.Robert Mugabe

6.Ray Ozzie.He was formerly best known for his role in creating Lotus Notes

7.Tapan Sinha,Bengali Film Director

8.Year of Sanitation

9.Michael Phelps, most gold medals won at a single Olympics with the eight golds in Beijing 2008

10.Tibetan Olympics,since Tibetans were not allowed to participate in Beijing Olympics 2008.

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