Thursday, December 25, 2008

Current Affairs 2008

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1. Identify why this doodle was used by Google.

2.Which European country has recently joined Schengen agreement,whereby cross-border passport checks will be abolished.

3.Which supersonic missile was test fired by India in the Bay of Bengal?

4.World bank has banned which Indian IT company to do business with it for a span of 8 years due to data theft and paying bribes to the World Bank's staffs?

5. NIA Bill, 2008 and the Unlawful Activities (Prevention) Amendment (UAPA) Bill, 2008 were recently approved in Indian Parliament in awake of terror attacks.Who presented these anti-terror bills?

6.The first Indian who was recently conferred the honorary citizenship of Singapore by its Government.Identify him.

7.Shareholder of which troubled financial services firm have given their approval for the merger with banking major Well Fargo?

8. Who received the"Ballon d'Or", often referred to as the European Footballer of the Year award for the year 2008.

9.Which country was recently voluterily suspended from OPEC countries since it became a net impoter of oil?

10.Identify the dramatist who died recently.

1.The Google doodle came up when LHC was launched

2. Switzerland,it became 25th nation to join Schengen agreement


4.Satyam Computers

5.It was Presented by P.Chidambaram,Home Minister of India

6.Ratan Tata,in recognition of his abiding business relationship with the island nation and his contribution to the growth of high-tech sectors in Singapore.

7.Wachovia Corporation

8.Christiano Ronaldo


10.Harold Pinter,Nobel Laureate for Literature in the year 2005

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