Sunday, January 18, 2009

General Quiz

Neo Quiz Spot is a quizzing organization and intends to spread quizzing culture among the common men through Quiz For All Campaign . Some of our members have recently created Neo Quiz Spot Community on Orkut. You can join that by clicking Here. Please contact us via mail for any quiz related information. Please feel free to contact us regarding your feedback or suggestions. Scroll down for the answers to this quiz

1. Identify the artist

2. Name the sporting event for which satyam was signed in as the official IT partner?

3. Unscramble this for a personality!( Clue think about ‘Financial’ ‘Security’ )


4. Who was the first person to be arrested in the Information Technology Act of India ?
5. Shapporjee Pallonji has a VIP account with which cement company?

6. Which US president used to work as a model for magazines like 'Living' and 'Cosmopolitan'?

7.This is the statue of a very famous poet identify him.

8. SET ALIVE is the new horse in the stable of which Indian Business Personality?

9. About whom did Sunday Times said This Indian "brand" is Tom Cruise,Sean Connery and Clint Eastwood combined into one?

10. With which company will you associate ‘Project 10 to 100th’?


1. Leonardo Da Vinci

2Ans. Fifa World Cup 2010


4Ans. Dr. Prakash

5Ans. ACC

6Ans. Gerald Ford

7Ans. tiruvalluvar

8Ans. Vijay Mallya

9Ans. Amitabh Bachchan

10Ans – Google

The Neo Quiz Spot is an organization aimed at spreading the quizzing culture among the commoners. The details regarding Neo Quiz Spot can be obtained by contacting us at the email given in the About Me. For Regular Quiz Updates you can contact us or enter your email ID in the column given in the left bar. Your views about the Quiz can be sent to us. You can challenge any of the Quiz questions or their answers by commenting in this post.

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