Thursday, February 12, 2009

Special Event Quiz

Today happens to be a very special day for Neo Quiz Spot . Two of our inspirations Charles Darwin and Abraham Lincoln took birth on this day 200 years back. Both have revolutionized our thought process: Darwin gave us the power of "Change" and Abe has paved the way to liberty. We, the team members bow to the ideals that these men held, fought and died for. These men have transcended the time and country to inspire us in India, even after 200 years. It is these ideals that our organization stands for and this quiz is dedicated to these men.

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1. What is so special about the map shown ?

2. Who is the assassin of Lincoln ?

3. Who is the Austrian monk whose ground breaking theory on genetics was shadowed by the Darwin's theory of evolution ?

4.What is this mountain called as?

5.What is the original name of Descent of Man?

6. What is so special about the following voyage ?

7. What is the contribution of Daniel Chester French to the American History?

8. What is the reason for American Civil War ?

9. What is so special about the bible on which Obama swore in as the president ?

10. Identify this person.


1. Galapagos Islands

2. John Wilkes Booth a stage actor.

3. Gregor John Mendel the father of Genetics.

4. Mount Rushmore

5. Ascent of Man. But the name was found to be a taboo by the then social convictions that's the reason it was dropped after the first print.

6. It the path that was taken by HMS Beagle.

7. He is the one who sculptured the iconic statue of Lincoln in Lincoln Memorial, which is located in Washington D.C.

8. It was chiefly about the abolition of Slavery, which was proposed by Lincoln and heavily opposed by the confederates.

9. It was the same bible used by Abe Lincoln when he swore in as the president.

10. It is not Abe Lincoln but Henry David Thoreau.

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