Monday, January 9, 2012

New Business Quiz

Neo Quiz Spot is a quizzing organization based in India. Neo Quiz Spot intends to improve the quizzing pattern among the commoners and aim at making learning more easier. This quiz is being provided to with an emphasis on the MBA preparing students. You can contact us at for any further queries. Neo Quiz Spot Team will be responding within 24 hours. For quizzes on SNAP, IIFT, Civils and other exams, keep visiting us. Our quiz will be published every day at 10AM. So please check our blog after 10AM to see our daily updates.
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1. Identify the techie administrator 

Ans. CP Gurnani. The question is a dedication to the Jan 7th Fiasco by Mr. Raju. Dig the history - Satyam Fraud - The First Look

2. ‘Discover the Best of the Web' is the baseline of which Internet site? 
Ans. StumbleUpon 

3. Aranda Investments is a whollyowned subsidiary of which prominent organisation? 
Ans. Tamasek an investment company owned by the government of Singapore

4. Which range of grooming product are called Lynx in the UK and Australia?
Ans. Axe 

5. The word for a clothing brand also stands for the legendary sword of King Arthur. Which word?
Ans. Excalibur

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