Wednesday, May 9, 2012

General Quiz

Neo Quiz Spot is a quizzing organization based in India. Neo Quiz Spot intends to improve the quizzing pattern among the commoners and aim at making learning more easier. This quiz is being provided to with an emphasis on the MBA preparing students. You can contact us at for any further queries. Neo Quiz Spot Team will be responding within 24 hours. 

1. Identify the 'Corleone' behind many techno startups. 

Ans. Don Valentine

2. In 1967, Amarjit Singh X was returning home from England when he decided to visit Beirut on the way back home. There, he ate a very popular local snack.

It struck him that the ingredients of the snack were very familiar to most Indians, and so he and his wife Surinder set about developing their own version, adding to it a patented masala that’s a closely guarded secret. This snack was sold in fast food stalls that cropped up all over Bombay and is now available all over India. What snack is this, named from the surname of its creator? 

Ans. Tibb's Frankie 

3. What is the term that refers to how sailors would wind twine around rolls of tobacco leaves allowing them to mature under compression, and then slice off the end shredding the tobacco. 
Ans. Navy Cut 

4. It is common knowledge that the grand slams are held where they are because Australia, France, Britain and USA where the first four countries to win the Davis Cup. Which is the country which was also among these countries to win the Davis Cup?
Ans. South Africa 

5. Patients suffering from a rupture of the biceps tendon may develop a bulge in their arm. This is  the retracted muscle bunched up in the  arm, and is sometime s referred to as a X  Muscle based on a popular cartoon character in medical circles because the muscle is more pronounced than normal. Identify X. 
Ans. Popeye


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