Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Business Quiz with Answers

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1. Identify the company

Ans. Lloyds TSB

2. The paper still uses ink dot drawings called hedcuts, introduced in 1979 and originally created by Kevin Sprouls,in addition to photographs, a method of illustration considered to be a consistent visual signature of the paper. Which paper are we talking about?
Ans. Wall Street Journal

3. What business book written by Merrill Rick Chapman. It explores, in a humorous tone, the art and science of management used by high-technology companies. This is also sometimes quoted as the mockery of Tom Peters 'In The Search of Excellence'.
Ans. In Search of Stupidity

3. This business tool was was developed in 1970s and inaugurated in 1978 by Arnold Mitchell at SRI International. What are we talking about?
Ans. VALS Segmentation. Stands for Values, Attitudes and Lifestyles is a psychographic segmentation tool.

5. Which politically charged event has hit the Enterprise Messaging Services(EMS)a hard way in India?
Ans. Ayodhya Verdict. This has already affected the industry with some major players looking for Chinese Counterparts in the light of future possibilities. An estimated loss of 87 Crores reported already to the Industry*

Sources: Neo Quiz Spot Intelligence

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